Gusto ko sa John and Yoko

I saw Paris, Milan and Tokyo… all in one night. They were the names used by staff at John and Yoko – the venue of my get-together with friends last night.

Researcher that I am, I reviewed internet posts about the resto before leaving the office. I first checked what the menu had in store and tried to pick out what I would order beforehand. Bearing in mind that I had to go on diet after the Christmas pig-out celebrations, the California Maki Salad and Prawn Sunset Salad caught my fancy. Too bad there were no descriptions as to the ingredients or preparation of each item on the menu. I was curious about the venetian roll, rock and roll and we found nemo sushi. If I felt hungry by the time we agreed to meet, I was considering ordering the Ebi Teriyaki or Bacon Wrapped Dory. I read about a rave review about Japanese paella in a blog but did not find it in the menu listing.

Whenever I passed by John and Yoko at Greenbelt 5, it was the one with the most number of customers and always had a waiting line. So I checked with my friend Tsi if we had reservations. They don’t accept reservations after 7pm so I promised to try to go early. I ended up arriving at around 7:25 with our table for three fifth in the waiting list. Roy and Tsi arrived after around 30 minutes, just in time when our table became available.

I told them I read that servings were good for sharing so we decided to order for everyone and just split the bill afterwards. We ended up paying P430 each, agreeing it was well worth it because we enjoyed everything we ordered. We started with Spicy Tuna Salad. It was love at first bite. We loved the mixture of the ingredients and each individual component. The lettuce was crisp, the dressing tasty but not drowning out everything, the tuna bits succulent and the crispy ingredient crisp hehe. We were excited to discover how our other orders would taste. The rock and roll was perfect because it had six pieces, so we each had two. It had a surprising crunch to it and Tsi loved the sauce on top of each roll. When the Japaella arrived, the smell alone was appetizing. There were generous toppings of chicken teriyaki, ebi and chorizo slices. Even without these, the rice was delicious. And the paella was very filling. One order was more than enough for the three of us, a little bit was left over. We loved it but we were just too full.

By the way, Roy and I both had blue iced tea which tasted like refreshing dalandan juice with blue coloring. We both liked it that we didn’t consider having a refill of the other iced tea variants – red and green. In the reviews, green was the least appealing. Next time I’ll consider ordering the red tea. As a sweet ending, we wanted to have frushi (fruits with cream and nuttella) but it was out of stock. So with some other desserts. We ended up having chocolate ice cream (I don’t know what it was called since we gave Tsi the choice). It was also good as it wasn’t too sweet and the cookie dough at the bottom tasted great although it was very hard to break off. Tsi was initially disappointed the green tea ice cream wasn’t available but we didn’t regret having the chocolate ice cream.

Too bad I forgot to take pics of the food but anyone can check it at the net. Love it or hate it, said one review. It was unanimous, we loved it. Definitely, we’ll go back.


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