Blessed Singleness

I am a Catholic Christian

who happens to be a single parent,

who happens to be a working mom,

who happens to be a daughter, a sister, a friend.

We all have a calling – either to married life, to religious life or to single-blessedness. Blessed singleness is not a mockery of single-blessedness, rather an explication of the state of being single after dabbling with being half of a pair with disastrous results.

From being in a wrong relationship, I have been freed from the bondage of sin and returned to my single state. The person I was in a relationship with chose the path well-travelled. Why is it always so easy to choose the path to self-destruction?  From being in a sinful relationship with me, which we had been trying to transform to a righteous one, he rushed headlong to an even more sinful relationship wherein both of them had their respective legal spouses, with respective kid/s, leading him to abandon beautiful girlfriend (me!) and newborn child, topping it off with an offspring of their own. Headache of headaches! Problem upon problems!

For my part, I can see the reason for the trial I had to go through and triumph over. The consequence of my sin is being left to rear my child alone. But I am blessed because, in the process, I was let out from the dark prison of iniquity into the fresh sunshine, led back to the Father’s arms as His once wayward, but now restored child. God freed me from further misery that I may had to endure had I stayed on in that relationship. And I am gifted with a precious bundle of joy.

That is why I can proclaim my blessedness in my singleness. Single but not lonely.


4 thoughts on “Blessed Singleness

  1. im really inspired by your thoughts… i love reading this over and over again as i too a single mom like you… as i too just come from a not that good relationship although its not wrong… and as i too is on my way to a healing process and struggling to move on… you gave me strength and reaffirm my decision…thank you!

  2. hi, eden! i’m glad i could be of help somewhat. it’s hard being a single mom and to heal and move on from a painful experience. let’s get our strength and guidance from the Lord. God bless us and our children 🙂

  3. wow. very nice piece. parang meron na din ako alam na ganyang story, pero i admire you kase you chose the path to righteousness pa rin after all. 🙂

  4. it wasn’t easy to choose the right path… we were working on making our relationship right when he “fell” for the other girl… well, God was making a way for me back to Him

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