I’m Really Sick When…

I’ve been under the weather since Friday last week. I was surprised to be sick because there was no clue whatsoever that I’d wake up with a fever, aching muscles and weakness, in general. One day I was fit as a fiddle, crowning a busy workday with a fun and cool evening with friends. We enjoyed dinner at Serendra then coffee at Bonifacio High Street al fresco, taking advantage of the cool monsoon winds blowing Manila’s way.

When I woke up early morning chilled to the bone despite sleeping under covers, I thought wow, it must be really cold for me to feel like I slept on a block of ice! I went back to sleep, then when I woke up some time after to start another day my head already felt heavy and I felt my aching muscles longing for a massage or just a layer of liniment. Sigh, time for a genuine sick leave, not using it just as an excuse to skip work.

After a long, long time it was only now that I never felt hunger pangs. That confirmed it, I was really sick! He he he… It’s a struggle for me to lose weight as it’s nearly impossible for me to go on a diet. If I abstain from rice, I really feel weak as in close to fainting if I diet in conjunction with my daily activities. Whatever I took, like tea, coffee or fiber drink which were supposed to suppress appetite, it didn’t work. But now, my lack of appetite due to illness augurs well for the success of the diet I have never been on but would like to jumpstart.

So, if there are any readers of this blog, you might have noticed the absence of posts for five days running. I also knew I was really sick when I didn’t feel the compulsion to post an entry even if I have several drafts already. And it didn’t bother me a bit. So my blog was on a sort of diet, so to speak.


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