A 30-something woman, a week after giving birth, confronts the father of her child over mysterious calls made using his cellphone. The argument escalates and before she knew it, he was leaving her and the baby. Later, she finds out he is living with his married officemate and her son. What’s worse, she is pregnant with their child.

A man nearing (dreading?) forty who is living with his pregnant girlfriend was paired with an officemate for his company Christmas party presentation. He and partner discover they have a lot of things in common, sharing the same vices such as smoking and drinking, which his girlfriend sadly abhors. He becomes his officemate’s confidante, especially since her husband left her and their son. Soon, they fall for each other. He comes home everyday around midnight using overtime as an excuse when, in fact, he stays on in the office to spend more time with this officemate. His drinking sessions with his office buddies become more frequent. He comes home in the wee hours of the morning to his pregnant girlfriend who stays up waiting for him.

A girl had this phone pal. Her phone pal had a girlfriend who for unknown reasons disappeared on him when she learned she was pregnant by him. The girl ended up getting pregnant by her phone pal, too. She demanded marriage and got it. They were able to work things out for a couple of years until he got fed up with her controlling nature. She likes to call the shots in their relationship, emphasizing the she is the breadwinner. So, even if they were living with his parents, he packed up his bags and left her and their son in his parents’ house. She befriended this guy at work even if everybody knows his girlfriend and that they are expecting a child. She showered him with emails and attention that succeeded in snatching his affections from his girlfriend. When things didn’t work out in their relationship, this girl was ready to fill in the space vacated by his girlfriend. In fact, the night he left his girlfriend and baby, the moment he was out the door he immediately called her.

40-year old man and officemate moved in together with her son in the condo where man and ex-girlfriend used to live. They were not shy in displaying their affection publicly in the office even if she is known by her husband’s surname. They would arrive together, walk inside office premises holding hands, have lunch together and leave for home together. Of course, no one missed it when her pregnant tummy started to show. They were in love and oblivious to everything else. Their company had no clear policy against the moral behavior (or misbehavior) of its employees. They were having the time of their life, anticipating the birth of their baby. After nine months, their son was born and thereafter diagnosed with congenital heart disease. They need half a million pesos for his operation which needed to be done within three weeks. They had to solicit donations from PCSO and generous friends.

Of these characters, who is the biggest loser? “It is better to lose a lover than to love a loser,” the words of a Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist. You be the judge.


4 thoughts on “Losers

  1. Hi, I came across your blog through AC. I already visited your blog a few times but this particular entry’s really struck a cord in me. You see, my best friend went through this situation; he was left by her husband when she was still pregnant.
    I applaud all women that despite being left by their supposed-to-be “partner” in life, they continue with their lives, trying to be valiant and strong.
    Wishing ill against somebody is not my nature but I truly and strongly believe in karma…
    I told my bestfriend, having the baby is a gift, although it entailed so much pain and grief on her part. But as we look at the little angel, now 2yrs of age, we just smile and reminisced the tears that we shared together and think, “It was all worth it.”

  2. thanks, melancholic duchess, for giving me something to look forward to in the future… moving on and moving forward. the experience is really painful. i thought i’ll be over it by now since it’s been a year already. i often think i’m ok then something happens that reminds me all over again. hopefully, the time will come that i’ll put everything behind me, and it will come soon.

  3. Don’t worry, it will come. And it’s normal to feel that pain every now and then. 🙂 and you’re strong, you’re brave. no matter how scarred you are, i know the experience brought more lessons than you’d have expected. 🙂

    PS: can i add you to my blog roll? i love reading your posts. 🙂

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