Milestone: Amara is 11 months old

This is the last month anniversary celebration before Amara turns the big 1!

We celebrated with the usual pasta, pizza and cake.


Now that she is 11 months old, Amara has her own terms of endearment to her family. Even if I and her grandma Mamita teach her to call me “Nanay,” with nobody teaching her, she chose to call me “Mama.” My mom she calls “Ma.” Her uncle Dale she calls “Bob” or something that sounds like it.

big girl

She is now fond of watching TV especially commercial ads, Playhouse Disney or variety shows with singing and dancing, such as The Singing Bee or the musical numbers in ASAP.

Because she has a very loud voice, Mamita would put her index finger to her lips and say “Shhh…” to teach her to be quiet. Just this Sunday when I took her out to mass and we went malling, she kept on putting her lips together like a pig goes oink. And then she was noticed to wag her index finger, it was then I realized she picked up the “shhh” gesture. Clever girl!


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