Barely had I written about it and now I’m in the middle of the busiest week I’ve had for a long time. Work is hectic with the new assignments given to me requiring urgent attention. There are other items waiting for my attention to be squeezed in whatever, whenever free time becomes available.

Weeks ago, I decided to respond to the call to serve the Lord once again in mass. I didn’t anticipate that the first Wednesday and the first Friday masses held in our office would coincide with the week when I have to give priority in completing my new assignments. Then I was reminded of the little sideline that was arranged months ago which coincidentally falls on the Saturday of this very hectic week.

Since my baby’s first birthday is fast approaching, I’m also in the thick of preparations for her party. Plans are currently at a standstill, having to take a backseat to work. Not to mention I already have my plate full in the home front, having to take care of my baby daughter since we don’t have a nanny. The minute I step inside the front door coming from work, Amara commands my attention. Caring for her will go on from the time I come home in the evening up to early morning the next day when I have to prepare for work.

Experiencing all these simultaneously can make a person’s stress levels shoot sky-high. I am pleasantly surprised not to feel stressed. After a period of wallowing in the aftermath of a physically and emotionally draining break-up, I now feel alive.

I am grateful to be in the midst of all these things which I consider blessings. I am blessed to have a lot of work to do when a lot of people are losing their jobs. I feel blessed to still hear God’s call to serve Him in mass. He made a way for me to do so by presenting this opportunity in the workplace. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for me, being a working mom whose time away from work is reserved for motherly duties. I am blessed to be presented this one-time chance to augment my income by participating in an activity that only takes a half day.

I am happy to be alive. Indeed, I am too blessed to be stressed!


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