The Ribbon Cutting

Letting go is tough, even if the circumstances are so obviously appalling. I could see the position I put my friends in. They were watching me face the choices available to me – one that is hopeless, useless and would bring no good and the other which will set me free to start a life that will bring me more blessings and joy. Although the choice was so obvious, it was difficult to choose the right option in spite of the fact that the ties that bound us were those of antipathy, ill will and the desire for settling of scores.


I am tired – of being the recipient of lies, of putting up a front, of always being angry. I can rail against the deception, the betrayal, the injustice. I can be deeply affected by the abandonment, the neglect, the utter disregard and the uncaring. But enough is enough.


Life has to go on. There are better things life has in store for me. Something wonderful is waiting to happen… only if I let go and move on, so it can take place. So today I choose a glorious future instead of the bitter past. I choose joy instead of misery. I choose God over sin, temptation and retribution. I choose freedom over bondage.


Thank you, my dearest friends, for being with me through it all! You made me believe I can overcome the misery wrought by selfishness. You convinced me that joy is already present in my life through my beautiful baby Amara. I am glad to say all of you were right.


I am now cutting off the strings, letting loose. You are now free. I’ll no longer scrutinize your every move to catch your lies. You are free to do whatever you want. Whether it will harm you or be good for you, it’s your choice. I’m setting you free, and in the process, I’m setting myself free. Happy independence to both of us!


Message for the Day:

Every end in a chapter of our life carries the promise of a new beginning. Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it became a butterfly.


Today’s Fortune Cookie:
“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still.”


2 thoughts on “The Ribbon Cutting

  1. Letting go is TOUGH….but if you DECIDE and CHOOSE that i will MOVE on….as life ahead is beautiful!!! Its easy….:)….bless all those who have hurt you and wish them loads of happiness as they have contributed in making you a tougher person today!!!

  2. thanks, saishia!
    you’re right, everything starts with a decision and sticking to it. i do choose to move on. regarding wishing them loads of happiness, i reserve my judgment on that…. rather, let God be the judge if they deserve to be happy in life 🙂

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