Breaking Dawn

I’m supposed to be working but I want to slump at my desk and snooze off. Because of Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight Saga.


The title seems to refer to the fact that I stayed up all night, engrossed in the paperback, almost breaking into dawn hehe. Mind you, I share Stephen King’s opinion of Stephenie Meyer (speaking as if I’m on the same league…). Her writing sucks but I find her storyline so addicting.


The book was a page turner. I didn’t even feel sleepy after overcoming the first bout of dizzy drowsiness early in the evening. Warning: spoiler alert. I skipped the sleep-inducing icky details of the honeymoon. I think it was a bad idea to include that in the book. A writer should know his/her audience. Meyer should know that her fans are mostly school kids, and delving into details of how to seduce someone, even if that happens to be a wife tempting her husband, was irresponsible.


Well, there are many things I don’t like about the writer’s style. It took me ages to plod through Twilight, the pace was so slow, the plethora of words so unnecessary. If she gave her story line to a more skillful writer, it would have turned out better. She is on the lookout for sponsors, with her very specific mention and description of vehicle brands and the like. The Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle isn’t also to my taste. Unfaithfulness never was, striking too close to home.


More later when I finish this book. I stopped reading it last night. Sleep overtook and interest waned mainly because of the boring writing style. I hope I can finish reading it soon…


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