Why Do These, Gals?

Check this out http://awefullworld.com/?p=1525


  1. Why do women tend to be more impatient over men when it comes to getting into a relationship? (or are we just too emotional and transparent that we can’t get over the fact that we are singles?)
  2. Why do women tend to count the days since their last break up and since the last day they had someone by their side? (like what GB used to tell me: Gaano na kayo katagal break ng ex mo? – tsaka magbibilang si babae sa daliri)
  3. Why are women more articulate in expressing their thoughts particularly when it comes to the matters of the heart? (o alam ko madami mag-oobject jan :P )
  4. Why do most women believe in fairy tale like love stories? (pati ako oo aminado ako jan)
  5. Why is it difficult to make men cheesy (when I say cheesy, it’s like acting and expressing feelings like a woman)

She raised valid points. I’m tempted to reply when I find the time…


2 thoughts on “Why Do These, Gals?

  1. hahahaha! you’re so fast madam ha. hehee. nasaktuhan mo idle moments ko na wala ginawa kundi magbloghop at magpost ng cheesy entries. hehehe. 🙂 thanks for the “pingback” 🙂

  2. erratum: it should be IMPATIENT, not IMPATIENCE. sori po mejo OC ako. hahaha. shunga ko kase e nadamay ka pa tuloy. sori. hehehhee. 🙂

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