If You Must Choose…

The battle between good and evil has existed ever since man first existed. Only humans were given the intelligence to recognize the difference between good and evil, the consequences of each and the option to choose between the two.


When you think about it, it seems logical to choose goodness. Who in his right mind would choose sin and destruction over goodness and peace? But it’s easier said than done. When a person is placed in circumstances wherein it is less demanding and painless to give in to your weaknesses and harder to do what is right, depending on the willpower, values and support system, it is easier to cave in to temptation. More so when evil is disguised under the object you most desire, be it the person of your affections, the thing you want more than anything, the success or wealth you crave. Sometimes, it’s just something to die for. And the soul dies a slow death without you realizing it…

Understanding human weakness does not give one the excuse or the justification to use it as defense. The words “I’m only human,” grate on my ears. It is precisely because we are human that we have the ability to practice self control, to exercise good judgment. Wisdom is a gift made available to us yet so few strive for and attain it.


Once again, the Word of the Lord is at work. For the past few days, the verses of this particular reading had been disturbing me. I was hesitant to share it with anyone, because the message might come across as scary and lest I be seen as judgmental and using God’s Word to suit my purposes. But to whom this message is meant for and whoever is struck by it, hopefully gets the point. The Lord does not delight in destruction but will rejoice when a child of His chooses Him and the path of goodness.


I have a First Friday Devotion which makes the message more meaningful for me. Actually, I’m not discounting the fact that the message is meant for me. It’s applicable seeing that I’ve been both: wicked turning from sin, virtuous choosing the path of iniquity, in the reverse order or in a cycle that hopefully stops turning soon.


The First Reading for Today, Friday of the 1st Week in Lent: Ezekiel 18:21-28


Thus says the Lord GOD:

If the wicked man turns away from all the sins he committed,

if he keeps all my statutes and does what is right and just,

he shall surely live, he shall not die.

None of the crimes he committed shall be remembered against him;

he shall live because of the virtue he has practiced.

Do I indeed derive any pleasure from the death of the wicked?

says the Lord GOD.

Do I not rather rejoice when he turns from his evil way

that he may live?


And if the virtuous man turns from the path of virtue to do evil,

the same kind of abominable things that the wicked man does,

can he do this and still live?

None of his virtuous deeds shall be remembered,

because he has broken faith and committed sin;

because of this, he shall die.

You say, “The LORD’s way is not fair!”

Hear now, house of Israel:

Is it my way that is unfair, or rather, are not your ways unfair?

When someone virtuous turns away from virtue to commit iniquity, and dies,

it is because of the iniquity he committed that he must die.

But if the wicked, turning from the wickedness he has committed,

does what is right and just,

he shall preserve his life;

since he has turned away from all the sins that he committed,

he shall surely live, he shall not die.


3 thoughts on “If You Must Choose…

  1. The door of repentance is left opened before man dies! So repent and seek forgiveness from Him.

  2. for quite some time now I am contemplating of what has become of me that brought me where I am now. and if that would be enough to define who i am truly. but when i come to reflect more, i only end up with the words of repentance and changing my ways. it would be indeed a struggle for me and a difficulty for others to just accept and believe, but i must try to prove them all my worth and embrace my humanity as another prodigal son from this forward.

    i am linking you up, if you don’t mind.

    have a blessed weekend ahead.

  3. sometimes it’s disconcerting to realize we are in a cycle of intending to do the right thing then backsliding, it’s a struggle indeed. as a child of God, you are worth more than you or others realize. it is heartening to know that one is not alone in the struggle… about others’ acceptance and belief, we can choose not to be greatly and negatively affected by it but to see it as a challenge that we can rise above our weaknesses.
    thanks for linking me…
    continue to be blessed and be a blessing!

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