Relaxing Treat

The best treat for me is a massage. That’s why it’s such a crime that the first treat of this kind this year happened only now.

When it comes to massages, I go for the simple, straightforward kind wherein the masseuse’s hands immediately locate the individual muscle and squeezed the stress nodule or acid right out of it. It takes some natural aptitude to do this, since I can tell if a person has this talent or not. No fancy, expensive treatments for me. Just a reasonably clean, quiet and cool place for me is fine. Never mind the spa ambience with waterfalls or fountains, aromatherapy candles and themed décor, as all these come at a steep price. If a place has all these but with a less than skillful masseuse, it’s all for naught.

Admittedly, I am describing a certain “wellness center” here called Vibes Massage Center wherein the therapists are all blind or visually impaired. They have branches in certain Robinson’s, Ever Gotesco and few SM malls in Metro Manila or the provinces.

I love the massage services there so much and frequented it before I got pregnant and gave birth that even if I managed only a couple of visits there last year, when I came back, the receptionist immediately recognized me. It’s a shame for me not to have remembered her name although I know the names of my preferred therapists.

Since it was only now that I was able to return and without certainty as to when I can come back, I took advantage of a two-hour massage session, availing of the bed massage for the first time ever. It was  heavenly. I wish I could go again soon.


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