Star Baby

Yesterday, I submitted the requirements to enter Amara in the Star Baby contest in SM Department Store. But now I’m having doubts… I’m not sure if these are nerves. Because I look at the pictures of the previous year’s winners and most of them are foreign-looking babies, the products mostly of a Filipino mom and Caucasian dad. Thus the chances of a baby of pure Filipino ancestry winning are slim, based on these results.


Star Baby Poster

Of course, as her mom, I am convinced my baby is deserving to win. This is not only because she is my baby but because of other people’s favorable comments and Amara’s charm herself. Even people we don’t know – other mallgoers or salespeople at the stores, remark on her cuteness.

Amara's half body pic submitted to Star Baby

Amara's half body pic submitted to Star Baby

One other thing I’m not sure of is my motive in entering her in such a contest. The prize would just be a bonus. Because of our situation, she, being virtually abandoned by her father at one week old then replaced nine months thereafter by another baby by his girlfriend, I would want Amara to have a winning moment. This would be something she could look back to years from now and feel and be affirmed that she IS worth a lot. That despite her father’s actions, SHE IS A WINNER, she is loveable, she is wanted and she is irreplaceable.


I have done everything I can with regards to this contest. I will let God do the rest. And even if she doesn’t win this one, I will find a way and God will provide a way  and with a whole lot of prayers, Amara will grow up to be confident of herself, feel loved and be a winner. May she realize

“this is the ultimate reason why you need to like yourself.

Because you have a Father who loves you so much.

You’re more important than all the stars in the sky.

You’re more important than all the galaxies of this universe.

In the heart of God, nothing compares with you.

If He loves you this much, how can you not like yourself?” (from Bo Sanchez)


Despite everything. After all, she is God’s child.


19 thoughts on “Star Baby

  1. You have such an adorable baby. She’s so cute. I was searching for other entries in the contest and reached your site.

    Have you seen the result of the SM star baby contest? if not you can check it here.

    After seeing the winners, all I can say is what kind of judges do they have, Im not saying that the winners are not cute or what. I dont have anything against them. But Im pretty sure that there are other babies which are MORE deserving, like your baby.

    Well, my baby was not choosen as a winner also. Pero ok lang. I’ve seen several photos which are really better that the winners. Maybe I should believe my friends when they told me that palakasan yan sa sm star baby.

  2. @Jo, thanks for the link to view the winners! I appreciate it and your comments…
    I think I will post another entry regarding this topic. I would have liked to see your baby’s pics 🙂 I will try to search the net for the other entries.

  3. Hi! I do not personally know you but Amara is really a charming baby!

    I would like to believe what Jo said. The judges could have chosen a Filipino-looking baby, bakit puro may foreign blood ang kinukuha nila. I also submitted an entry for the 2nd quarter. I must say my son’s photos are far more “genuinely happy” than those of the winners. You could see in his smile that he really enjoyed the pictorial.

    I’d like to send you his pic though. I just dunno how. :o)

  4. hi! i also stumbled upon your site searching for the winner for the latest quarter of star baby.

    i also entered my baby last month and i know how you feel when you say that your baby deserves to win. as a mother, we all want our babies to win! just imagine how awfully hard it is for the judges to pick a winner. i love babies and i think they’re all adorable!

    your blog touched me. i can somehow relate. i have a step-daughter who was also abandoned by her mother when she was still a baby. she’s 13 now and i married her dad 2 years ago and we’re one happy family. i’m sure that in time, amara will have a father figure to look up to.

    as for winning… seeing people gush on how cute our babies are, that somewhat gives me an award winning feeling. i’m sure amara will have her moment, as well as my haley. cheers to us mommies! 🙂

    i also wish i can see the babies of the others who commented on the this blog. 🙂 i’m sure they’re all super cute!!!

  5. hello your baby is super cute and beautiful.I am also a single mom. have u heard the latest johnson and johnson’s mom and baby contest. i havent found it in the web,just saw it once in tv channnel 2 but just a flash. sali tayo, pls e- mail me pag may updates kang alam.pero sm marilao, manila, and south mall meron na pero iba -iba corresponding dates.Thanks . God bless

  6. Hi, i saw the picture of Amara and she’s real cute. Like you I also joined my son in this contest and as his mom and number 1 fun, i know he’s the real winner. And Amara could be a winner too in your own way, on how you’re going to motivate her as she grow up. God Bless you and Amara.

  7. hi, i think your daughter is really charming too…i think i know how you feel about all these…i have twins my other daughter joined the 3rd quarter and sadly she lost.
    i felt bad (but i never thought about being bitter and write things like these)but i said, i want to be fair to my other daughter decided to join the 4th quarter…we submitted the entry at the very last day….amazingly she won….she’s the grand winner by the way….
    i was so surprised because she’s the doesn’t look so much Caucasian unlike my daughter who lost last 3rd quarter. so i really believe it’s not about the ethnicity…
    i didn’t ask for her to win…it just happened…..
    And like all the moms out there, it hurts me so much whenever i read things like these…
    just so you know we have waited for 3 years,quit my job moved to another country and undergone agonizing,painful, expensive fertility treatments , medications, and we even have to opted for In-vitro fertilization. not to mention being on “bed rest” and wheeled chair ’til they were born.
    i bet you guys haven’t experience all these…
    it’s always so easy to judge.

  8. @ghia, thank you for your comment. we’re in complete agreement with each other  I love babies & every mother believes their baby is a winner. it would be really difficult to be a judge in baby contests.
    your children are lucky to have you as their mom. i’m glad you have a happy family. God bless you & your family.
    @lovely, amen.
    @amy, sorry to have had no response until now. was super busy with work, that’s why i had no time nor inclination anymore to enter baby contests. as ghia said, our babies are already winners, with or without an award or contest triumphs. God bless you and your baby. i salute all single moms.
    @luz, that’s the attitude  God bless you & your family.

  9. @carla, I think you didn’t get what I was trying to say in this blog. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and what is stated in my blog as such, is how i see things.
    i agree with what you said, it’s always easy to judge. when i had my first baby, i was bleeding all throughout my pregnancy and had to be on bed rest for more than 2 months. i was in and out of the hospital. sadly, even with all these precautions, i still lost my baby boy. when i was pregnant with amara, i had to go on bed rest for 2 months. so we both know how it feels to go through a delicate pregnancy. all the sacrifice is worth it when we see our healthy, beautiful babies now.
    i don’t think i need to explain my point in this blog entry. the other mommies understand. just be happy and thankful that your baby won.
    anyway, congratulations to baby amanda carla for winning the contest. she’s really cute and a deserving winner.

  10. sure i know what you’re trying to imply…and i understand it perfectly…of course i am thankful that my baby won…and i know that everyone is entitled to air out whatever it is they feel…however, sometimes it hurts people…i believe that sometimes there are things that are better left unsaid..or perhaps just keep it to ourselves so that we won’t hurt others…internet is a public thing…just imagine how you would feel if you put “SM star baby” on the search engine and suddenly these things will pop up?the feeling is so not nice!

  11. hello, me naman my baby is 6 months old na and we are planning to submit her picture this december para habol sa 4th quarter halos kc lahat ng things ng baby ko from baby co. nabili and everytime we go there yung staff would always say hi to my baby na cu cute an sila. sila nag convince na mag submit kami i sa submit ko pa lang. i am hoping she will win dahil honor na mapaskil pic nya sa sm pero for me if ever she doesn’t win ok lang kc she is already a winner to me. she is a happy baby laging naka smile nakakatanggal pagod. tsaka i do not want to think na mestisa n mestiso lang baby na kinukuha nila i know kung sino na cutean cla un na pipiliin di ba. in a contest win or lose lang talaga pero i hope they will give din sa mga pure blooded filipino babies tsaka ung palakasan wag na natin isipin un dapat mawala na sa pinas un.

  12. hi mommy liezel.
    thanks for the comment 🙂 i wrote this post years ago when the sentiment was fresh… i’m sure many things have changed in the past couple of years. i would have loved to see a pic of your baby. i’m sure she’s as lovely as the people who see her think. goodluck on your endeavor!

  13. I know that your original post for this thread was almost two years ago. But there is a reason why I am writing this comment today. At 2:00 PM, judging for the 4th quarter entries and for the entire 2010 happens. I submitted my baby’s photos at almost closing time on the 30th of December. Photo-finsih, as they say 🙂 Reading through your original post struck a sensitive chord in my heart. I also want my daughter to win, not so much for the prize but for some sort of affirmation that she is, yes, a winner, despite being abandoned by her father. Same sentiments as yours… Although I know she really doesn’t need it as she is very much loved by my entire family, I guess I just want to give her that chance. Win or not, she will always be a star for us.

  14. hi mommy dt 🙂 i’m glad you wrote this. my baby will be turning 3 next month. by this time, i have realized that entering her in baby contests is not my priority. being busy as i am with work, i would like to devote all available time in spending it with her, playing, cuddling together in bed or just doing any ordinary thing and making her feel loved. that’s what is important. as long as our babies grow up feeling loved, they won’t need the affirmation winning in contests or other people’s approval would bring. i haven’t reached 100% but each day i’m learning & improving in coming to terms with the fact that some fathers can just be so full of themselves there is no space for them to love a baby who is so loveable and such a God-given blessing.
    God bless you & your baby. good luck to her! i hope she wins, but be assured she is already a winner. thank you for sharing!

  15. So discriminatory!!!
    Are you a full blood Filipino? Are you sure? Are you not have a blood of Spanish? Again are you sure?
    If birth certificate shows that those babies are Filipinos then accept that fact. In the first place, they wouldn’t be accepted as candidate if they did not pass the criteria.
    Please be careful with your comments.
    Hi Amara, be a good girl. Always pray to Mama Mary to guide you always and your mom.

  16. I also submit my babies photo in star baby for 2014 but haven’t recieved any message from them for this 3rd quarter his so adorable and loving as a single parent Im doing everything I cud for him, just having d feeling that the staff fom d SM Store didn’t forward our entry. Think my baby and I just wasted our time with it. God Bless to all moms and their kids.

  17. Nakapasa dn ako ng picture ng anak ko sa SM and hndi dn nksama anak ko sa finalist… Isa sa mga nirequire samin is plain white shirt pagtingin ko sa mga finalist eh colorful nman pala mga damit… Don plng masasabi mo tlg na its not fair… My criteria cla and yet hndi naman sinusunod… I just wasted my time and effort for nothing… 😤

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