Broken Yet Blessed

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; and those who are crushed in spirit he saves. (Psalm 34:19)


“God will speak to you today,” this thought kept popping in my mind throughout the morning. I woke up with this thought in my head which lingered as I go about my daily routine. I first heard this statement from Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez. He would often open his talks by asking, “Brothers and sisters, do you believe God will speak to you today?” The crowd would always answer in the affirmative. It’s been a couple of years since I personally attended one of his talks, nowadays I get to watch his videos in But today, I can clearly hear the words “God will speak to you today.”


It’s been a year now since my life had seemingly fragmented. Last year was not good for me for it saw my dreams crumble like dust. I was cruising through life, coping with everyday trials and then suddenly, it’s as if someone pulled the rug from under my feet, causing me to suffer a bad fall. I am in the process of picking up the pieces and healing. Thankfully, God remained by my side and made His presence felt during the times when darkness threatened to overcome and when I felt hope had deserted me.


In my brokenness, God was faithful and I was still blessed. I am glad to be broken if it means the Lord is close to me, will save me and will take care of those who did me harm. Another blessing that came is the recollection given in my workplace. It came at a time I needed it most. I wanted to attend, fully convinced that God will speak to me personally through this recollection. I felt in my heart that God wanted to impart His message to me.


So it was with a thankful heart that I attended the recollection with the theme “Blessed, Broken and Given Away.” It was as if the way was paved for me since everything went smoothly – my mom readily agreed to take care of my baby so I can attend, all I had to do was inform my immediate superior of my plans to participate in the activity, and there were no urgent work assignments or deadlines to meet. As a bonus, the speaker was Arun Gogna, a Kerygma preacher who was known for giving wonderful talks sprinkled with a lot of humor, so I was assured of having a great time, in addition to a meaningful and blessed experience.


True enough, during the recollection, Brother Arun’s words sounded as if God Himself was talking to me, assuring me of His love, care and generosity. All I needed was to keep my heart open and trusting, and wait for the fulfillment of His promises that He has something wonderful in store for me.


And must I say that the theme resonated with my present situation of brokenness? I was made to realize I was not alone in this sad state. A lot of people were struggling with their individual problems and crosses they bore. The bread which becomes the body of Jesus in the holy sacrifice of the mass is broken before it is to be given away. In its broken state, it is blessed. It opened my eyes that in my brokenness, grace is not lacking. God’s love is always present. I am still blessed!


With my bright and happy daughter, faithful and supportive friends, a good job and a good life, in general, how can I not be blessed? But I was focused on my brokenness that prevented me from having joy and being thankful. I was looking at my glass as half empty that I failed to appreciate it was half full.


I was already aware of these things, but was reminded of these things during the recollection:

·         What you focus on grows.

·         God breaks us so that we mend our ways. (We did it to ourselves.)

·         God breaks us so He can give us something better.

·         God breaks us so we can heal our friends.

·         God gives us away because He created us to love.


God really spoke to me today. Thank you, Lord!


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