Crazy for Fro-yo

Months ago, I read some reviews about frozen yogurt and wondered what the ado was all about. They said there is a craze for frozen yogurt with which I begged to differ. There weren’t even any frozen yogurt outlets anywhere in Greenbelt & Glorietta, or in the vicinity of my home and office in Makati then. Nobody from my different sets of friends and officemates knew about or cared to mention anything about fro-yo.

Recently, I ate my words… And a lot of frozen yogurt, I’m glad to say.

Reading about fro-yo, I couldn’t begin to imagine how it would taste like, based on my not so pleasant experience with supermarket-bought yogurt. Even the fruit-flavored variant which was marketed as tasty and healthy did not sit well with my palate. It was exceedingly sour, producing the mukhasim effect hitherto brought about by white vinegar. The absence of gustatory delight outweighed the health benefits, thus I was not convinced to keep it as part of my regular diet. It wasn’t for lack of trying on my part though. The items I bought went untouched in our refrigerator until they reached their expiry date.

I’m adventurous in trying food which claims to bring health benefits such as neo-vegan fare, whole wheat products, red rice and all sorts of organic food. The problem in retaining a healthy diet was in the expense it involved. I’m not endeared to the taste of homemade veggies or the usual Pinoy fare preparation. I go for the salads which, unfortunately, can only be bought at expensive restaurants, or even not so expensive ones but which cost double than the regular cafeteria food.

Ice cream was not included in my list of favorite foods before. But with the onset of global warming, as summer gets unbearably hotter and hotter, I came to crave for frozen delights, to the detriment of a so-called healthy diet. Enter, fro-yo!

After having my first taste of fro-yo at White Hat courtesy of my friend Brida, it was love at first taste for me. Fro-yo’s taste is far from the grocery-bought yogurts. It was like eating vanilla ice cream with a hint of tartness and with the health benefit. If you hit upon a good combination of toppings, that would multiply the satisfaction to your taste buds.

I was happy to discover a Yoh-gurt Froz outlet inside Hobbes in Greenbelt 5, White Hat in Rustan’s Makati and Californiaberry in Paseo Square, which I have yet to try. I can be seen making the long walk from Rufino St. to Greenbelt 5, and even Rustan’s almost daily to get my fro-yo fix. Giving in to my craving gave me additional exercise, which was great. I only found out about the one in Paseo Square when I searched the net, and since I have to go out of my way to get it, I tend to gravitate more towards the Makati mall area.

In comparing the different fro-yo, I vacillate from White Hat to Yoh-gurt Froz from one day to the next. In the end, for me, brand does not matter. Even if the degree of tartness and creaminess differs, I’m deep into my affair with fro-yo.


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