Hope For The Future

2011 will go down in my personal history as the year of not too many highs, and more of financial difficulty… my new year resolution of bringing down debt started off with good intentions then wobbled and plunged down the drain.

I feel like I’ve always been a doom and gloom kind of girl, and feel gloomy about it… what can you expect? But I do long to shake off that persona and be the cheerful kind of person I always look at kind of amazed and with a tinge of envy admire. So I look back at the year that was, and tend to remember the lowlights… not being able to pay off debts, in fact, making them fatter, along with my diet, not being able to start on my daughter’s enrollment fund, not being able to shed off pounds, not being able to get a promotion… that’s too many not’s, makes me tired to continue the unfinished list.

And when I try to remember my year’s blessings, I have to rack my brains and search, and search my memory… How about being blessed so much by my community? And having a lot of friends, getting to spend many happy moments with them? I never went hungry, and was actually able to dine in new places, discover new favorites…

The best part, I am convinced, is being able to fulfill my mission for 2011. After trying to clean up both my office and personal emails, I saw many correspondences about my schedule for serving the Lord. And it made me pause for a while to reflect. It is true we go by life so fast we fail to admire the beautiful scenery. I am so thankful for the opportunities to serve, thankful for being able to accomplish what I set out to do, almost without being aware of it.

Yes, I am a work in progress, and would like to improve on the way I see things. Hopefully, I would be able to wipe the grey from my glasses to be able to see the rosy view of the world. Be hopeful, be cheerful, be happy, be free…

Let me welcome the new year with a prayer…
Thank you, Lord, for being the God of second chances…
and thank you for the fresh opportunity to start again.
I can’t remember being so excited at the start of the year …
looking forward to what You have in store for me this year,
and not to forget what I can give.
By fixing my gaze on You, I have found my purpose… finally.


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