What Makes Me Happy

A friend, knowing the circumstances of my past tumultuous love life, once asked, “What makes you happy?” I only had one answer that didn’t need much thought… my Amara. Just thinking of her makes me happy.

Now that she’s a strong-willed 3-year-old who doesn’t listen to most of what I say, it’s a little hard for me to recall how she makes me happy haha. Looking at this photo reminds me of what a happy baby she was and still is. Her noise and laughter fill our house, aside from the enormous amounts of clutter. Whenever she’s playing, especially when she’s pounding on her mini-piano, while singing her own composed song, or laughing at the antics she sees while watching her dvds, her chuckles and guffaws ring inside the room and seems to let the sunshine in.

Looking back now, it heartens me when I reflect how we made it through our journey as single mom and child. We made it this far, thanks be to God! None the worse for the wear. I won’t fool you… the many big and small problems that come with our circumstances don’t fade away. But knowing that I have this adorable kid relying on me and trusting me completely, loving me no matter what… it makes the struggles, the enormous effort all worthwhile.

I cannot describe how it feels like when I get an unexpected hug from my daughter, except that I think to myself that is how heaven must feel like. I am thankful that I have her to come home to every day, to be my personal pillow when I sleep at night, to wake me up every morning even if I need that extra sleep… Whatever the future has in store for us, no matter the struggle I have to make for me to reach my goals, the presence of this little person will see me through.


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