The Bottom Line

Why is everybody so obsessed? Money can’t buy us happiness
Can we all slow down and enjoy right now
Guarantee we’ll be feelin’ alright… (from Price Tag by Jessie J.)

 Financial concerns often are at the top of our minds. We all work to earn a living, to be able to support our family, pay the bills, buy the things we need and want. Unfortunately, we have this tendency of allowing money matters to dominate our lives  we forget about the things that really matter. I might as well be guilty as charged, with finances being number one on the list of things I worry about. This talk on Holy Money could just be providential to a lot of people.

Glorietta Feast builder Bro. Randy Borromeo pointed out that money is NOT the root of evil; the LOVE FOR MONEY is the root of all evil. Money could either be good or bad depending on who is holding it. Bro. Randy remarked that money could be a terrific servant or a terrible superior. It would definitely be preferable that we control money rather than have money controlling our lives.

When Jesus came that we may live and have life to the full, it was not just about money. It’s about healing, having good relationships, good health.  The Lord God knows what we need. He gave us the ability to produce wealth.

Bro. Randy shared three practical steps to abundance.

Availability… God can create something out of nothing, but usually God creates something out of something. He will look at what we have to offer.  Whatever we have, God can multiply it. We are reminded of a basic math lesson – anything multiplied with zero will yield zero. Despite the vast resources of God’s creation, if we offer nothing, it will not produce anything.

Acceptability… Two things drive the level that is acceptable to us: hunger and hope. Desperation is more powerful than dreaming. If our dreams are fueled by our hunger, the greater the power is that pushes us to reach our goals. Being rich is not just about our needs being met. We may want to be rich so we can help other people.

Actionable… The miracle of God requires the action of man. In order for God to work His miracles, He needs a response from us. It may be enough that we take just one step, the Lord will take the 99 remaining steps to work His miracle.

These inputs tie up neatly with Fr. Eric Santos’ homily during the mass. Fr. Eric put emphasis on James 2:17-18, which says, Faith without works is dead. Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. He challenged us to reflect on what we can do to be fruitful. With the Lord’s help, we can conquer anything.

It’s not about the money, money, money indeed. Simply put, let’s do our best while putting our gifts to good use and trusting that the Lord will bless us.


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