Chapter 2013: 1/365 A Year of Gratitude

from Facebook page Deep Life Quotes

I used to think reflecting on last year’s memories was too maudlin. But during the transition from 2012 to 2013 I had a change of heart. Since memory can be unpredictable, I had a renewed desire to keep an updated blog to have a record that I can read in the future when I want to recall the highlights of my past.

What changed? I finally got the knack of having a thankful attitude. At first, I thought I was too much of a trying hard when it came to having an attitude of gratitude. I felt like a fraud doing that at first. I read friends’ posts with wonderment at how they got to achieve that optimism and eyes open to the delights that are present if only we were aware. Little by little, through practice, and through some sort of miracle, my self-consciousness and criticism waned. And I found myself feeling deep inside, genuinely thankful and joyful at my life’s small and big surprises.

In the latter part of last year (as in the dying days of 2012), I discovered Joseph Prince and subscribed to his daily reflections. The latest I got in the mail, reads in part:
Beloved, stop striving through your own efforts and rest in the Lord’s love for you.
Rest by trusting in His finished work.
That’s how you allow Him to direct you with divine wisdom to His divine solutions.
That’s how you allow His grace to abound in your life.
His grace will stop that addiction.
His grace will drive out that disease.
His grace will fill your areas of lack and lead you to abundance and victory!

The message resonates with me since I tired myself out last year striving for so many things. Ended up exhausted, disappointed & depressed from time to time. I was too focused on my failures, and not so appreciative of the opportunities, lessons, and just being.

I was blessed to have wise friends who composed meaningful new year greetings… a lot of which helped in opening my eyes to what I need to do if I want this year to be THE year, definitely different and better than last year.

Isang bagong taon, isang bagong pagkakataon… A new year, a new beginning (from JZ, a caring group friend)

May the Lord guide us to a new and better life, and give us strength to become a better person. (from RP, a Facebook friend)

As we come to the end of 2012, I want to encourage you to get ready to experience God’s abundant unmerited favor like never before in 2013! Why? Because your heavenly Father takes great pleasure in blessing you! It is His heart’s desire to see you surrounded by His favor that protects, delivers and provides for you in every area of your life.

And the best news of all? There’s nothing you need to do. You don’t have to work, strive or strain to earn your Father’s favor, because Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on the cross has accomplished everything for you.

Remember, you are cherished, favored and blessed! We are excited to see all that the Lord has in store for 2013! (by Joseph Prince)

There is no such thing as an unimportant day. (from Francis Kong)

Thank you Lord for a fresh start this 2013.
May all of us become who You ought us to be.
And the best thing is, it’s not reaching the goal that makes us successful.
But it’s when we obediently undergo the process with You. (from DD, a Makati Feast friend)

I’m blessed my mom, daughter and I got to spend New Year’s Eve relaxing at Ace Spa Suites. I got to avail their soft opening promo for an overnight stay in an air-conditioned room with flat screen tv, cable, free red wine, fruits and bottled water, free water spa tickets, and buffet breakfast. It feels good to be in a room with new furniture and facilities. The water spa was very relaxing, as not so many people were around, unlike the other days I went there. The breakfast was wonderful. I got to eat a selection of fresh fruits, tried blueberry baby pancake for the first time, which was yummy, had two cups of brewed coffee, yakult, and my favorite danggit, egg & fried rice combination. As early as now, I’m hoping I can repeat this experience next year.

As day 1 draws to a close, I thank the Lord for a day of comfort, abundance, shower of blessings, wonderful messages, true friends, beautiful daughter, family all around, lovely words, & hope for the future ♥

from the Facebook page My Attitude – My Life – My Rules


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