2/365 First Day Highs

It’s the first work day of the year. I nearly forgot I had to conduct two training sessions one after the other at two different locations. My substitute is on leave, traipsing with his well to do family somewhere in the Holy Land or Europe, and I had to hold the fort.

At the same time, there was the matter of deal vouchers that had to be exchanged for the actual tickets at Smart Araneta Coliseum, if these should not go to waste. Praise God things mysteriously fell into place in perfect synchronicity. Instead of having to meet my mom at a nearby Makati mall during my lunch time (which vanished due to the first training session to be held in Quezon Avenue), I had that brilliant idea hehe to have her and Amara come over the office by noon so they can hitch a ride with me courtesy of the company car with driver on my way to Quezon Ave. God works in mysterious ways indeed.

I was able to squeeze in some cuddling time with Amara in the car on our way to our respective destinations. Senior citizen and minor didn’t need to get on that long commute. The driver, God bless him, willingly took a short detour to drop them off exactly at the coliseum. Good thing I had a free mug to reward him with teehee as a small token of my appreciation. Another cheery thing was the traffic-free roads probably due to the holiday mode people had a hard time shaking off.

The training went on without any untoward incident despite my cough and raspy throat that affected my audibility. I just asked the participants to move closer to the front, and had to take a short break to drink water when coughs overtook me. The participants were not very participative though so nobody won the prize mug.

Bearing my sister’s advice on my diet, I suddenly had a craving for pasta from Sbarro. I asked the driver to drop me off the branch nearest to the office so I can buy some, which I wolfed down as soon as I got to my work station. After which, I felt so full that whenever I burped I felt could vomit hahaha yeah I could be gross.

Barely had time to freshen up before proceeding to the next training session. And I was thinking if it meant I would be conducting training sessions all year round… which was not a bad thought at all.

Yesterday I planned to complete the petty cash fund replenishment request but after those two sessions I didn’t have energy left except to browse through the web and read email. ¬†Internet connection was bad for surfing through Facebook which could have been a blessing in disguise. Uncharacteristic of me, I packed up by 6pm and went straight home. Subsequent happenings weren’t all too remarkable.

As day 2 draws to a close, I thank the Lord for a day free from traffic, arriving at the office on time, a job that provides steady income, perfect timing regardless if I was aware of it or not, Disney Princess on Ice for my own little princess, my mom taking care of my daughter, work that I love doing, and tomorrow to look forward to completing my to-do list.

So that’s it for day 2. Tomorrow is another day.

from alifetimeofwisdom.com


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