4/365 Floating In The Sky

from Facebook page StAÿ hαρρÿ (̾-̮̮̃̾-̃̾)

If you were dreaming, I imagine it’s like floating in the sky.

My 2013 Wish List:

  1. Buy belly dancing dvd.
  2. Buy new eye glasses.
  3. Settle all debts.
  4. Get started on my emergency fund.
  5. Update my wardrobe.
  6. Have my eyes lasered.
  7. Lose 20 pounds.
  8. Get promoted or more preferably have a better, higher paying, more progressive job.
  9. Get started on the lessons I want to teach my daughter as she grows up.
  10. Get started on new blog.
  11. Having achieved all these, eventually be a star in my own little corner of the sky.

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