5/365 Saturday Dreams and Plans

Yesterday ended with a migraine, and today began with a migraine. Thankfully, by midday it was gone. The culprit was not bright light but I think oily food (yes, I’m looking at you, flavored fries and squid balls!) I had those for snack and dinner, respectively. Sad… being two of my favorite food.

Amara woke up in a good mood, and performed “magic tricks”. It consisted of twirling a couple of beaded scrunchies on a rod detached from a defective shoe rack.

On weekends, I’m reminded of my dream to put my bedroom in order. It continues to be a dream as long as my daughter is around. It’s part of her nature to dig into everything – bags, closets, drawers… anything she can get her little hands on.  I’ve been trying to teach her to tidy up her toys after using them, but you cannot count on perfection from a little kid who’s not a neat freak unlike some kids I know. I can’t even start on arranging our closets’ contents without her poking around and getting one item or two, just to look at according to her.

Having goofed off the better part of yesterday, with barely anything to show as my accomplishment for the day, it made me feel guilty, especially since I’m currently saying the novena to St. Josemaria Escriva. The novena speaks about putting love into your work, to make your work a worthy offering to Jesus. Plus, there was pressure to show something when I belatedly read my supervisor’s email about year-end reports haha. Thankfully, I was able to go to the office and finish it.

Btw, I have to get started finishing my personal plans for 2013.

Amara is so funny. By the end of the day, she was tired from “jumping and running” her own words. I was persuading her to go about her nightly rituals of drinking her vitamins, brushing her teeth and taking a bath. She said her feet can’t walk because her feet were so tired. So I said I’ll help her which meant the two of us walking from bedroom to kitchen with her hugging my waist.

When we got there, she moved like a robot in slow motion (because of the tiredness) when ever she knows I can see her. The moment she thinks she’s out of my line of vision, she speeds up her movements hahaha! She had to pee so she moved in slow motion to the bathroom. She was still trying to make me accompany her but I washed my face. After peeing, she was saying she can’t manage. I went to the bathroom and said she might as well take her bath. I’m glad she agreed without giving me a hard time.

In the bathroom, she said she was thirsty so she had to go to the kitchen to get a drink. She left the bathroom in slow motion, and the moment she thought I can’t see her ran very fast to get to the kitchen. 😀

As day 5 ends, I thank the Lord for Saturdays/weekends, the luxury of waking up late, time to bond with family, the option to work to finish tasks, 3 chocolate kisses from a colleague, a free webinar and red velvet ice cream 🙂


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