6/365 The Day & Year of the Lord

from Facebook page Brave Girls Club

There are good days, and there are bad days. Today was neither good nor bad… it was awesome!

When I was young and idealistic I had a lot of dreams – the vision I had of my future self was of success, top tier position at work, big property owner, and such. Reality is so far from that vision, which is a main cause of sadness and frustration that is my daily fight to overcome.

Now that Amara has started being so inquisitive exactly at the turn of the year, every time she sees  me smiling, she will ask   “Why are you happy, Nanay?” I think this made me more aware of the happier moments every day.

The priest at today’s mass asked what year was this year. Many answered the year of the water snake. He replied, people call this year with different terms and titles, but the correct one was this is the Year of the Lord. Absolutely true. And I would like to add, this is my year of thanksgiving.

I boldly claim that this year will be my breakthrough year! I will see my dreams starting to be fulfilled one by one! I claim an abundance of blessings, healing, breakthroughs, miracles, financial riches, wonderful relationships, success, and greater faith!

As day 6 ends, I thank the Lord for the return of the much missed Feast, for inspiring talks, for God-sent messages, for being able to serve on this first Sunday of the year, for the truly Awesome Kids Ministry which Amara enjoys so much, for people who selflessly give their service to the Lord and others, for post-Christmas celebrations with hs friends, for yummeh food at Elias & the Cake Club, for unexpected compliments from strangers, for true friends I get to spend time with but who I’ll miss, for a daughter who enjoys her food, for dads who do not forget financial obligations for their children, for seeing my child enjoy family activities at the mall & her new toys, for a really great Sunday which augurs many awesome days ahead this year


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