9/365 Faith, Hope and Love

When you have been working hard for eleven long years without anything to show for it… When you loved wholly but ended up broken and alone… When you have tried, strove, exhausted all means yet all these efforts bore nothing… What is there to be afraid of when you have God?

God did not allow this day to end without showing that He works long after you’ve forgotten your prayers. I received confirmation that one of the people who used to make my life difficult will be gone from the picture. Instead of feeling ecstatic about this turn of event, I felt honestly sad that the people who used to be just around, who were a part of our group would leave just like that, just when I least expected it to happen. And it happened, not because I prayed for it or wanted it to happen. It was just part of God’s mysterious plan long before everyone came into being.

It serves to remind me that God IS working. What His plan for me for this year remains to be seen. It is enough to know and witness His plan unfolding slowly. All I need is to trust that everything He allows to happen would be for my best. That He is preparing something marvelous for my future.

There’s a day when you realize you’re not just a survivor… you’re a champion! Thanks to the victory found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And the proof of that perfect love in case you need it…

Let not day 9 close without me thanking the Lord for another productive day at work, for helpful & supportive colleagues, for wonderful, uplifting special cg friends, for provision when you need it, for angels who guide us, pray for us and bear good tidings, for 2012 a year of service, for 2013 a year of faith, hope, breakthrough & victory!… and for a beautiful daughter always waiting home for me.


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