11/365 Something New

I met my caring group for the first time, as a cg coordinator. I had mixed emotions dominated by insecurity and uncertainty. First, I don’t know how the members felt when they found out I will be their cg head. I didn’t feel worthy at all to be considered a leader of cg leaders. I’m not sure if I’m capable enough to lead them. One thing for sure is I will definitely try my best.

A reason for my guilt was I wasn’t able to devote much time to planning our meeting activities and sending messages to the members because I was busy preparing the farewell slideshow for my resigning colleagues. I didn’t expect it to take a lot of work and time, but it did. The good thing is next time I need to prepare something similar, I already have a template to use. Not that I’m hoping more people would leave, but who knows?

The date of our cg meeting was announced weeks ago. It was just unfortunate that it rained that day. Thankfully, four members came. And as I listened to each one as the meeting progressed, I was marveling to myself how truly gorgeous  each of my members are. It was a bonus that aside from physical beauty, each had wisdom to impart, and a pure, lovely spirit with hearts of service.

I prepared a nice-looking recycled box to be our group’s gratitude box. Every meeting, we will write down things we are thankful for, the blessings we receive each month, and put it inside our blessings box. By January next year, we will open the box and read the notes we put inside for the year. It would definitely start next year wonderfully. As for our next meeting, we are planning to do some personal and group planning.

God definitely has a plan for us, for our caring group, for each one as a cg leader. I ask for His guidance, renewed anointing, a portion of His Spirit, strength and wisdom, for us to be able to fulfill His will as we serve to guide His people, and, hopefully, enrich our members and make them feel cared for, accepted, affirmed and loved.

Image from scentoffaith.net

Thank you, Lord, for Fridays & weekends to look forward to rest, recharge & recreate, for my caring group of lovely, soft spoken & inspiring sisters, for many blessings to be thankful for to fill our gratitude box, for being able to have our first ever meeting getting to know each other more deeply, sharing in each other’s joys and challenges, and looking forward to evolve as individuals, as servants and as a group, for the appetizing and filling dinner, for being able to celebrate goodbyes to lessen the heavy feeling of parting ways with people who have been integral to our work group, for the wonderful memories of fun times spent together, for the learning and lessons, for endings and new beginnings.


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