13/365 A Love That Overcomes

My biggest blessing today was undoubtedly Makati Feast. There was the usual mass, talk and worship. Always, always, my favorite part was worship, and today was just so powerful I felt with every inch of my being God’s presence. I felt so awed and overwhelmed. The place was permeated with His presence. It’s difficult to put into words the exact experience.

The topic was Guarantee, and talk 1 was about supply. I felt the Lord speaking to me personally with His reassurances, affirmation, and most especially, love. GOD will supply ALL your needs… Everything I need will come to me… This year will be better than next year, God guarantees it…

from papercraftmemories.com

Worship leader Mara Relova prayed for forgiveness for having doubts. And I was so struck, because of being such a doubting Thomas all throughout last year. I had difficulty believing God will answer my prayers. With a view of all the things that happened in my past, my family background and situation, I felt cursed. But thanks to Bro. Randy’s prayers since last year, I was assured the chains have been broken and the curse destroyed. For the most part of my life I felt I was undeserving of His blessings. That’s why God’s reassurances mean a lot to me.

I am worthy. I am special. How can I not be when I am God’s beloved child. He will take care of me… He always has. What’s more, He is preparing to bless me in a big way.

Once again, God’s personal message for me was about my dreams being fulfilled this year. As we were being led in worship and song, I was struck by the thought that when Jesus died, what was powerful enough for Him to rise back to life was his LOVE for us. Death was overcome by love. Imagine!

Got this very nice, inspiring quote somewhere in Facebook, I think…

“There is tremendous power in believing you have what it takes. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.”

Amara and I both had long naps today it was hard for us to settle down to slumber for the night. The nap I took was like the naps I had before I had a child, soo long, and as if I can’t wake myself up from it. I will wake up then fall right back to sleep, then wake up marveling at the time consumed by my nap, in a repetitive cycle.

It was Amara who woke me up from that endless nap when she suddenly appeared in my dream. I dreamed I was wandering the streets, finding a way to get back where I came from but getting not so frighteningly lost. I chanced upon an open air eatery by the roadside, and saw part of the fare something that looked like squid balls. But when I ordered them, the waiter said they weren’t squid balls. I repeated my order for them anyway. Suddenly, something bumped into my legs, wrapping their arms around me. It was the familiar feeling of my daughter running toward me unrestrained to hug my legs. Then I woke up to find Amara taking her nap beside me.

Now she’s snoring peacefully for her night’s sleep, after I turned on her requested aircon, I can happily rain down kisses on her chubby cheek 🙂

Thank you, Lord, for Makati Feast, for making Your presence felt in the awesome, powerful worship, for the words of encouragement, inspiration, hope, promise and fulfillment from Bro. Randy Borromeo, and afterwards, for the usual free taho (I won’t say how many servings I consumed), discounted food, easy going day, hours long, seemingly endless nap, Despicable Me which elicited many chuckles from Amara and myself, quality time with my daughter, and an over-all blessed day.

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