14/365 A Temporary State of Affairs

A good beginning could have a bad ending. In the same way, a bad start could end up good. And that’s how I wished day 14 to end.

Commuting brings out the worst in me. After fighting back by shoving and not letting anyone get the better of me, I felt bad about myself. I wish in the future, I would be able to rein in my temper.

And then, I was late to work again. Amara’s school schedule was changed this week to morning. As I was taking a bath, my mom insisted I give Amara a bath. But that meant one or both of us would get chilled by the cold weather. After Amara’s bath, I thought somebody else would take care of dressing her. As it was, she stood outside the bathroom door without anyone doing so while I finished, which set off my temper all the more.

By the time I finished taking care of her, I was really running late, and nothing could be done about it unless one could fly. So my bad temper kind of snowballed as I transformed to be the commuter hulk. When I got to the office it was a good thing I had calmed down. And resolved to have a day that would get better as it passed.

Another new year’s resolution I want to make is to read more books! I would love to read Aleph by one of my favorite authors Paulo Coelho. I would also love to continue Rick Riordan’s series.

from Facebook page YoLo

While doing my nightly ritual of surfing the net while sitting on the bed, before I realized it I was too sleepy I couldn’t even think of nor type my thank you prayer as my daily night cap. Off to dreamland I went… zzzzzzz


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