When I am trying to discern what I should focus on in my career, this day served to confirm my inclinations yet all the more confused me.

Today we had one of the twice a month scheduled orientation training for new employees. Included in the program is the presentation from our department, which I usually present. Training is something I love to do, teaching newcomers the ropes, providing them information to help them perform their job better. It brings out a part of me not usually shown —  confident, knowledgeable,. It challenges me to be creative and to think of current events or happenings that are appropriate to the concepts I am trying to explain, to keep the participants interested.

Straight from the training, I went to the supermarket before proceeding to a meeting in a ministry which I serve in. When we started out, there were three editors and a couple of layout artists. As we met tonight at the start of this year, there were now two layout artists working with each editor. Wonderful ideas and suggestions were brought up during the discussion. I’m not sure if prior to this meeting, planning made me excited. But the plans we hatched definitely makes me look forward to see our plans unfold in our ministry.

Day 16 celebrated God-given talents and bright ideas. I thank the Lord for the abilities & talents HE has endowed me with, for the wonderful opportunities to be able to use my gifts, for work & service that I so enjoy doing, for people who help me along the way & who are a joy to work with, for fun plans & greater things to come, for free dinner in my favorite fast food restaurant & for people to inspire me 🙂


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