18/365 Express Delivery Prayer

This was the start of a truly wonderful weekend. Because I didn’t have work today, having filed my first vacation leave for the year.

I wouldn’t miss my daughter’s first ever field demonstration for anything. It wasn’t actually on field, because the preschoolers had their own variety show in lieu of the field demonstration. It’s a good call from the school which I appreciate, sparing the little ones from the heat if they were to perform in the open field. Of course, my daughter was the best dancer in their class! (Well, this is my blog, isn’t it?)

The day didn’t start so good, actually. The school service was supposed to arrive at 11:00 but it was waiting outside our gate by 10:30, and I really hate being rushed. In the flurry to finish up my ablutions, we left the ride tickets and chits at home.

There was this matter of my wallet being empty save for various cards, novena booklet & photo. I said a quiet desperate prayer to God,  crying out to Him about my problem. Then I remembered there was money in the envelope supposedly meant for my tithes.

Desperate times called for a desperate measure, and no matter how I hated it, I had to take the money to be able to buy lunch for my daughter and I. When I finally had time to check on my phone, I was amazed to see a notification that P20,000 has been transferred to my Smart Money account.

I was simply flabbergasted. Not an hour has passed since my desperate plea to the Lord, and there was the answer. At the back of my mind, I was thinking there was a mistake due to the large amount. Somebody who had not paid me for products ordered last year owed about two thousand pesos. If I was to receive money, it should be that amount.

No matter it was a mistake. The important lesson there was if you cry out to God, He will answer you!

I returned the excess amount. Still, I got some money to re-allocate my tithes, pay for bills and hold me up until the next payday comes.

Thank you, Lord, for the express delivery answer to my prayer, for my daughter’s talent in dancing, and for vacation leaves that allow me to be present in her special school events.


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