19/365 Far From Miserable

My heart is so full today.

I just came from watching one of my favorite movies of all time Les Miserables starring my love Hugh Jackman hehe. I’ve never been a fan of Anne Hathaway but she gained my respect with her heart wrenching portrayal of Fantine. I’m so glad nobody tried or dared to sing along to the songs. In the ladies’ room, I saw two women who can’t even pronounce the title properly try to wash away their tears. I’m glad they enjoyed the film as much as I did.

Even if I wanted to sing along with the characters while the movie was on-going, my heart was too clogged with emotion. But when I got home, I couldn’t stop singing I Dreamed a Dream and On My Own hahaha Amara asked me where I learned the songs. I would not admit I just watched the movie because I’m very sure she will get mad I didn’t bring her along.

The film is truly deserving of the applause it received at the end in some theaters. Although it was a musical, I did not expect opera worthy performances. It’s a Hollywood production as everybody knows. Hugh Jackman – what can I say? It’s Hugh Jackman. I love how they rendered the musical score… the background music sounded heaven  to my ears. Anne Hathaway was the revelation here for me. Her performance wrenched tears to soak the first of my two pieces of tissue. I came to the movie straight from a conversation with friends who were raving about the film.

My day wouldn’t have been perfect had it not started with attending the LOJ Leaders’ Assembly. The assembly presented an unexpected opportunity to serve, as the call for volunteers was made only yesterday afternoon. No matter how I hate waking up early, the early call time made sure I was up with the sunrise. Lugging around boxes of food was really tiring. But seeing how fast we delivered the food as compared to previous experiences of people lining up in unmanageable crowds made me feel satisfied for a job well done.

from Facebookpage Calming Your Inner Storms

God’s message for me today:

Today, God wants you to know that …

God will give you everything you need once you are ready to receive.

God is abundant and is only waiting for you to make yourself ready to receive what you truly need. Think now what can you do to make yourself ready?

I’m ready, Lord, bring it on!

Lord, on this 19th fantastic day, I thank you for the call to serve, for enabling me to realize once more the areas I have to improve on when rendering my service, for the anointing, nourishment and empowerment, for the free combat manual, companion & work manual, for the easy commute, for the chance to enjoy my favorite past time, for a wonderful film, for a renewed appreciation of the opportunities to enjoy being with my daughter, seeing her grow up & being able to provide for her needs, for the provisions that allowed me to participate in all these activities today.


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