45/365 The Vision

When I arrived at my desk this morning, I saw a solitary rose on my table. It was a sweet Valentine surprise from my friend for three of us girls in the team. Her thoughtfulness is much appreciated.

I buckled down to work to finish the pending tasks on my plate. There was also a training I had to give to make up for yesterday’s scheduled training which I totally forgot about until I was about to go home. I’m so thankful that most of the tasks were something I enjoy doing, except for scanning the forms, having them routed, and got one returned which threatened to raise my blood pressure.

There was the second DIVE (Deeper Insights for Victorious Existence) bible study session scheduled at 6pm which meant I had to leave the office at exactly 5:30pm. The long wait for the elevator caused a lot of precious minutes of delay, even if I took a round trip.

Then came the time for the talk on Healthy Money at Makati Feast Legaspi. I was battered and bruised by the talk on financial wellness. I felt so helpless and useless, with the state of my finances which was a total mess, buried under debt. Walking out from the talk was not an option, since it would signify hopelessness and defeat. At the point when I was almost losing all sensation, and the words were drifting over to my ears as if from far away, the talk gave way to worship.

Bro. Jan Silan led the worship. As he began, he stated he was going to pray for God to fill to overflowing our financial needs, and resolve our monetary worries. So I tried to surrender everything to the hands of the Lord. Intent on worshiping Him, I kept my eyes closed most of the time. That was when I saw the vision.

I was not even really conscious I had my eyes closed, I had a fleeting vision of the large room we were in, as if everything inside was made of gold. Whatever the Lord wanted to tell me, I cannot interpret. I just feel the vision is an assurance that my money woes would be nothing compared to the Lord’s glory that will manifest in my and everyone’s life. That is what I am certain of.

Thank you, Lord, for lifting my burden of worry. May I use Your gifts for Your greater glory. Guide me, Lord. Increase my patience and humility, so I can wait with joyful hope for the time when my prayers will be answered.


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