I sent out several birthday greetings today. One of them is to someone who used to court me… which was decades ago. He now has a beautiful family and has settled in another country, having a great life, as far as I can see courtesy of Facebook.

Seeing his pictures with his family made me wonder, what if? What if I wasn’t too young then… what if we ended up together. Would I be the one enjoying the good life now?

I still believe thinking such thoughts is useless. I just couldn’t help it, I guess. God’s plan will always prevail. It just wasn’t meant to be…

Still I hope… someday maybe, I will have the life I can only dream of now.


2 thoughts on “Wondering…

  1. I have the same issue as I had someone that I became very close to. I thought she was my soulmate. My problem is that I am seventeen years older than her. There were signs that she wanted more, but it was hard to tell sometimes. To protect myself, I wouldn’t allow myself to follow my heart. She is now married and I am left wondering what could have been.

    I had to let it go, because it consumed me for over a year. I let fear dictate my actions instead of faith. I was filled with regret, which was killing me. I prayed about it and He lifted the obsession I had about it. I’m not saying that’s where you’re at, a wise man once told me to share my experience with another person if I thought it could help.

    Let this person go, and pray for his happiness, then pray as i will for your own inner peace and He will be there for you.

    In Christ,

    Bill Norris

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