How to Turn Your Day Around

My day could have been really crappy…

It felt like a double dose of Mondays. Starting with a bad commute that made me resolve never to sit again beside or between middle-aged men. One would have thought they knew the basics of good manners wearing those office polo barongs, but that was expecting too much. Then waiting for the office elevators, trying to run after a barely filled one & loudly saying “up” wasn’t enough for the occupants to press the doors open…

But I psyched myself saying “My day can only get better”. True enough, I finished a lot of tasks… not everything, but enough. was able to DIVE later, then attend the 1st talk of the new Feast series. My day was indeed better!

Worship, as always, was wonderful at the Makati Feast Legaspi. One of the songs was Forever Reign by Hillsong.

The day threatened to nosedive when the rain never really stopped & jeepneys were a rare sight on the road. Without any choice, I hopped on one that was cutting trip. If anyone knows where & how to report those erring jeep drivers, do let me know. Pity the people lined up the streets at the end of a workday, beneath the rain, waiting for the ride home that was long in coming.

Well, I made it home with the power of my two feet, safe under my umbrella. And rewarded myself with a cup of hot noodles for dinner. I had a break, and then another, with the couple of yummy Kitkat bars for dessert cum midnight snack.

My day could have been really crappy if I let it… but I didn’t. So it’s a wonderful day praise God!


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