Chapter 2014: Page 1

First of all, a happy 2014! Cheers to a year of healing, abundance, miracles and blessings!

Second, omg what did I get myself into? I signed up for the 31 day writing challenge, committing to write 500 words a day!

Because I was in that mood I constantly find myself in when a year closes, and a new one is about to start. That of introspection, of thinking where did 2013 go? What did I do with all those time? What did I achieve? What happened?? With the bane of short term or long term memory loss. Then I always resolve to start the new year writing down my thoughts and experiences, reactivating my almost always dormant blog.

Today is the first day back to work, and it was a busy one, in terms of the many tasks running inside my head that I think I need to do. Like writing on my new planner, designing a new cover photo, designing an ad, sending the bill for my freelance editing project, sending my resume to a friend who is referring me to another freelance writing project, completing the requirements for my new job, scheduling that much needed mani-pedi, and a lot of other trivial or not so trivial things that needed to be done.

Official work hours have now ended, and I finally got around to start writing 500 words. But before buckling down to the task, I was able to find the time to read my posts written around the same time last year. They were quite a revelation. I totally forgot I pegged 2013 as a year of gratitude, because somewhere along the way I forgot. You can read last year’s new year post here.

Another reason why I didn’t feel quite ready to begin my first post for this year was I was grappling around to determine what one word I would use to define 2014. I hope I find out soon, if not today, then at least within the week. Aside from that one word, I am also searching for the Bible verse that would guide me for the rest of the year.

Since I still don’t have those, here’s how I said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014 – the same way I did last year. Stayed overnight in Ace Spa Suites with my mom and daughter, relaxing away from the stressful firecracker explosions and haze, and eating whatever I wanted thereby rendering me unable to fit into most of my clothes, oh the horror!

Yet it made me realize I ended last year and started the new year with an answered prayer, which is just amazing and somewhat awe-inspiring. My daughter and I were an hour early for New Year’s day mass at Mary, Mother of Hope Chapel in Landmark. I am thankful Amara behaved well all throughout even after the mass, thanks mainly to my iPhone which kept her busy. We went home afterwards, expecting a party at home only to see just my aunt and uncle watching television. Amara closeted herself in our bedroom. Suspicious of her quietness, I was pleasantly surprised to discover she voluntarily dozed off, having stayed up almost until midnight, not to welcome the new year, but  because of Alice in Wonderland shown in Disney channel.

So that’s how our New Year celebration went, boring to most yet satisfying personally.


Allow me to congratulate myself in being able to respond to day 1 of the 31-day write 500 words a day challenge 🙂 And here’s hoping I can sustain this for 30 days more. Let me just put it here so I won’t forget. Soon I will write about the biggest blessing that came to me in December.


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