Chapter 2014: Page 7

What a hectic day this turned out to be!

I woke up late for work for the second day in a row. I actually woke up around 4am to go to the bathroom, but I went back to sleep. When I next opened my eyes, I was startled into wakefulness seeing it was already past 7am. I did file a leave from work today to get the requirements for my new work, although it was a half-hearted attempt. At the back of mind, it was just a safety catch since I still intended to go to work.

This changed things. I dawdled for a while getting myself ready. My daughter took advantage of the situation by wanting me to help with her homework, so we finished that first. Then I speedily dressed up and fixed my bag’s contents while she was having a bath to avoid further delay she could cause with her requests to have me personally dress her up and get ready for school.

The jeepney ride along Taft Avenue to get my NBI clearance at UN Avenue, Manila provided a trip down memory lane. It gave me quite a shock to see the crowd of people on the sidewalk waiting to get their clearance. I definitely did not want to be part of that crowd under the hot sun, inhaling the smoke from vehicles. So I immediately hopped on a taxi, and burned a couple of hundred to get to a satellite branch in a mall in Ortigas.

I couldn’t have thought more wrongly when I expected to get my clearance within the day. As I attempted to join the end of the line of people, an officer gave me a number on a paper, instructing me to go back next week just to get the form I am supposed to fill up. Half the day was gone already, I was very hungry, and had to go to the office to finish a presentation.

To avoid being late on my half day leave, I again got on a cab. Thankfully, I got to the office 30 minutes early. At least burning that cash on cab fares proved worthwhile.

As the reality that I would be soon saying goodbye to my current job slowly sinks in, I had to juggle performing the current tasks, turning them over to others (which I have yet to begin), and set my clearance in motion (of which I have no idea where to begin). I also have to start composing my farewell email to friends in the biz, and news of my leaving is fast leaking out. I would have preferred people learned the news from this horse’s mouth.

I had to buy some stuff to donate to a couple of kids from Guian, Samar who were typhoon victims. I’m glad to have gotten those items in the mall, in addition to some unplanned but necessary purchases.

It just amazes me, how I was thinking I had to buy some stuff soon. While making my way inside the mall, I chanced upon the specific shop I had in mind with items on sale, hence the unplanned shopping. I was also mentally planning to get the items in the kids’ wishlist before I went to the office, when I happened about those in a Japanese thrift store inside the mall. I was able to find cute plastic children’s caps shaped like small construction hard hats, and a couple of deflated balls that were practical, considering the long way they have to travel before they can be received by the kids. I just hope they have an air pump or something similar to inflate those rubber balls.

Thankfully, I have finished the presentation, and am relaxing a bit in my office chair (and obviously getting this assignment done for the day). Notice the blank days missing the required 500 words… I will be off in a while to drop off the items, and be on my way home to another set of tasks. Oh well, a day in the life of a working, single mom. Still blessed, and thankful.


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