Make A Wish & Say It Out Loud!

I just need to write this here for posterity…

I posted on my Facebook account about a dream wherein God answered my prayer.  It was literally a dream, although my dreams usually have strange elements. In it, I was with two persons, the other vaguely resembles our CEO’s personal messenger, imagine that! He was the one who showed me the message which looked like a telegram, although I never got a telegram in my whole life.

The message read I was accepted in the job I had interviewed for and would officially start on February. And when I read it, I was ecstatic and blurted out “Saktong sakto!” because it meant I will still be able to get the bonuses in my present company.The thing is, I think it said February 2012 although not really sure about the year, but a year was indicated.

Perfectly bizarre in so many levels… the people with me, the date indicated, the bonuses which were not exactly timed for February.

Because I so wanted to believe this dream would come true, I posted in my status that God really does answer prayers.

Anyways, the call or email I have been waiting for has not come. In over-thinking the whole situation, I prefer the call because to my logic, it would mean I got the job. An email is easier to send to those who did not qualify. And what good does it do when I haven’t received either? And I should let go.

But we all know how easy it is to say we should let go and move on, and how hard it is to actually do it. I can’t concentrate on my work, on anything actually. Good luck to me on meeting my writing deadlines!



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